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The following setup was used for Basys2 board with an external FTDI-based JTAG adapter. Read the previous posts to get familiar with setup.

Specifying USERCODE

User code register provides bit stream identification and a type of version control. To write a user code into a bit stream in Xilinx ISE, …

In order to program Basys2 board using xc3sprog and FTDI-Based JTAG Adapter, learn positions of the devices in the chain:

I had a task to check whether OpenOCD can program a Spartan 3 series FPGA by means of FTDI-MPSSE-based JTAG adapter. There wasn't any chip available in my hands, so I had to experiment with existing hardware. I decided to solder the FTDI-based adapter to a Basys2 development board. The …