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I am using plain text accounting tools like hledger and beancount alongside KMyMoney to track my financial transactions and to produce summary reports about income and expenses. If you've ever used hledger, you might like its ability to …

SSH tunnels are a great tool to solve various problems with routing where a firewall does not allow to access a certain local network. They allow forwarding connections to a specified port on the server machine to a local or remote computer through an encrypted channel.

Although there are nice …

In this tutorial, compilation and remote debugging of a simple C program on a rooted Android with ARM 64-bit architecture is described. The computer's hostname is ArchLinux and the smartphone Asus Zenfone is running on Android 5.0.2:

Install a cross-compiler toolchain

Install Android NDK (Native Development Kit):

Sometimes it is useful to keep the header of an output of some command while grepping the same output for something else. In the example below, the column information is absent: