All software used for the Prometheus FPGA development board is based on open-source projects.

Windows OS users can download Prometheus Installer and start working with the board. The installer includes fireprog, Prometheus GUI and BScan SPI core.

Linux OS users can compile fireprog and Prometheus GUI from source.

fireprog: Xilinx Spartan 3A configuration software for ,

fireprog is a modified version of fpgaprog and Papilio-Loader with the following contributions:

  • Support for M25PE10 SPI flash,
  • Correction of the bit order in the DNA reader,
  • Support for Windows OS.


Prometheus GUI: A graphical user interface for fireprog ,

A simple QT-based GUI which passes command arguments to fireprog and runs it in the background. The GUI is based on miniSProg project.

Prometheus GUI

BScan SPI: A core needed for writing to M25PE10 SPI flash

A core which uses BSCAN_SPARTAN3 primitive to transfer a configuration bit-stream from JTAG to SPI flash memory. It should be used in pair with fireprog to program SPI flash memory, connected to the Spartan 3 chip. VHDL code is borrowed from Jochem Govers. Constraints (the *.ucf file) were adapted for the Prometheus FPGA board which has an M25PE10 SPI flash.


Prometheus Installer: Installer for Prometheus GUI

A Windows installer based on NSIS. It is a 32-bit installer which also works on 64-bit machines.

Prometheus Installer

Xilinx ISE 14.7

Xilinx ISE is needed to compile VHDL code into *.bit files. It is available on the official website of Xilinx.

Configuration for Xilinx ISE for the Prometheus FPGA board:

Property Value
Device family Spartan 3 and Spartan 3AN
Device XC3S50A
Package VQ100
Speed -5

User Constraints File

Pin numbers of input (buttons, switches) and output (LEDs, 7-segment displays) components are specified in the Prometheus_FPGA_Black_Board.ucf for Xilinx ISE 14.7.