I work in the field of machine learning and data science. My second area of specialization is embedded systems.

My research covers unsupervised and supervised learning, clustering, deep learning and probability in general. I've worked in different areas, including information retrieval, bioinformatics, recommendation systems, speech processing and even underwater acoustics.

As an embedded systems engineer, I can write programs in assembly for AVR and TI MSP 430 microcontrollers. I have assisted digital systems design course for several years and can program FPGAs using VHDL. Check out my FPGA development board based on Xilinx Spartan 3A chip: Prometheus FPGA.

I am an Arch Linux fan and I love low-level programming. I have experience in coding in different languages and I use mainly MATLAB and Python for my research.

My hobby is comparative linguistics. Being raised in multilingual society, observing people communicating using different languages was always interesting to me. I am a native Russian and Kyrgyz speaker and I'm fluent in Turkish and English. My knowledge of German and French is at an intermediate level but hopefully it will improve with time.